About Us

Intentionally Focused On Lease Administration

Portfolio Solutions Group (“PSG”) was founded in 2002 in response to a large corporation’s identified need for help with subtenant Lease Administration and Accounting. The data and documents that come from being a large user of space were causing audit exposure until we stepped in.
Although PSG has expanded and grown into a global provider, we remain a full-service Lease Administration and Accounting firm.  PSG is solely focused on Lease Administration and Accounting, staying true to the Pure Service Philosophy it was founded on.

Our Beliefs

While many companies seek to provide Lease Administration, that work is not always what drives their motivations.  At PSG, we are purely motivated by and focused on the development, implementation, and support of the processes required for efficient multiple property management and lease obligations.
This work is the foundation to many other areas of business that rely upon the information for support.  Implicit in this work are knowledge sets encompassing the functional disciplines within real estate, a dedicated and well-rounded staff of professionals, and continuous exposure to the ever-changing trends in the real estate service industry.  We believe it is vitally important we are not distracted by trying to sell software or pursue other aspects of your real estate portfolio.

Our Services

Our service engagements always begin with critical listening, without a bias for any service or technology application.  Our solutions appropriately blend people, process, and technology, while considering the unique culture and operating realities of each client.
Our solutions incorporate the best prevailing non-proprietary technology, allowing for an intuitive and portable means of structuring and sharing data across geographic regions.
Our experience with thousands of leases has spanned all types of real estate with a broad understanding of legal, financial and facilities issues.  We have a professional staff that includes property managers, attorneys, paralegal specialists, CPA’s, and other real estate generalists.


Once you understand our services and your options, we think you’ll agree that PSG is the highest value available in lease administration outsourcing and can be implemented with the lowest possible risk. We are so confident in having transparency about everything we do. We start with a full glossary of terms that define each service, our process and the deliverables. We use very detailed proposals, unit cost pricing and we’ll tell you anything you want to know about the process. We’re purely motivated to perform for your success.

What Separates Us

PSG presents a unique service alternative for companies requiring Lease Administration but are either unsure how to secure it or are dissatisfied with their current service provider.
By leveraging our technology, we easily place critical information at the fingertips of those that need it.  By leveraging our experience in managing large volumes of property and lease obligations, we reduce real estate expenses and increase its operating efficiencies.
Our pure approach to Lease Administration allows our team the privilege of implementing solutions for some of the world’s largest companies.  Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.
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