Win The Battle Of Client Retention With The Lease Warehouse
For years, transaction brokers have effectively performed their services, closed out deals, received their commissions and gone back to the battlegrounds to win new business. Some may provide a close out letter, or prepare a short summary of the lease, but other than placing information in ACT or Salesforce, most view their job as over.
Now, smart brokers are making the battle for new business easier by enlisting in a better way to provide continuous value to clients and guarantee return business. The perfect combination of client based lease administration and the principals of Continuous Relationship Management is the foundation to The Lease Warehouse, a value-added tool for the progressive broker to differentiate their services from their competition.
Available exclusively to Real Estate Brokers, The Lease Warehouse provides a private web-based
database and service that delivers:
  • A Professionally Prepared and Complete Lease Abstract
  • Key Date Reminder Emails to Desktop
  • Optional Desktop Lease Compliance Review
  • Quarterly Value Added Content and Reporting to Share With Clients as Part of Your CRM Program
  • Unlimited Customer Service To Help You Take Full Advantage of the Services.
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