Budget Planning Made Simple

As we near budget season, Landlords are assessing the 2015 budgets and adjusting OPEX for the year. At Portfolio Solutions Group, we understand the headache that comes with tackling this yourself, which is why we take on the burden for you! PSG ensures that budgets remain within the scope of your signed lease agreements. We also capture savings when new estimates are received, providing clients with the highest value and lowest risk.


An operating budget covers OPEX, or, operating expenses for normal operations. During the period, budgeted spending on OPEX is unchanged except in the instance of an emergency reduction. Such risk factors can include the weather and whether rentals are located in flood zones. Throughout the process, it’s essential to devote 100% of attention to the details that add up to significant savings and efficiency that also maximize your ability to execute strategy.


Landlords don’t have to dread budget season with the help of Portfolio Solutions Group. Once you understand our services and your options, we think you’ll agree that PSG is the highest value available in lease administration outsourcing and can be implemented with the lowest possible risk. We use very detailed proposals, unit cost pricing and we’ll tell you anything you want to know. We’re purely motivated to perform for your success. Call us today at (312) 279-5300 to learn more about the benefits of working with PSG and our dedication to our valued clients.