Bundled Solutions

Need Help Bringing It All Together?
Whether you’re outsourcing for the first time, want to transition to a different software, or are looking to improve your current processes, PSG makes it easy by offering some common suggestions or you can use our simple selection grid to find what works best for you.  We will base our proposal on that scope of work and then be able to price and deliver it in a way that maximizes value and impact.  Here are just a few suggestions.
Quick Start
The simplest transition is for PSG to assume responsibility from an existing group, using the current software platform and processes, and then work with the client to evaluate each component after the transition.  Because PSG is already knowledgeable in many of the prevailing software packages and processes are adaptable, this can be an efficient way to make a change and realize the benefits associated with our dedicated group.
Clean-Up & Migrate
This type of transition is used when a company has an existing department or provider already performing lease administration and/or accounting on some level and wants to add to it or change it completely.  Sometimes an old technology with uncaptured data and documents is just not worth saving.  If this describes your situation, let us take a look and give you a recommendation.  If we can improve your system, PSG can migrate your current database into one that fits your company’s needs and goals better.
Careful planning and synchronization around key processing dates, work in process, and accomplishment of priorities is required.  The plan to accomplish the migration, transition and items on the project task list below are all delivered simultaneously with both internal and external communication and baseline measurements.
This type of set-up is used when a company either moves from a decentralized operation to one that is more central, and/or when no previously dedicated resources or processes exist. The work begins with file collection and review, establishing connectivity between the real estate and accounting functions and building a non-proprietary database tool from the ground up. Things materialize quickly and soon a predictable set of documented processes and reports that are customized to your company become the routine.
If none of these solutions resonate with you, use our simple selection grid to build and customize a solution tailored to your unique property and lease administration needs.  Select which consultative, project, and ongoing services you are looking for, and we’ll take it from there.   Start now by filling out our Build My Solution form so we can better understand your company’s needs.
Try A Pilot Program
If your portfolio is really large and you are not sure how things will go or you are just not sure what technology makes sense, “test drive” one of our software applications and calibrate the database with a small number of lease documents before implementing a system across your entire portfolio.  View our Pilot Program flyer to learn more.  It is a great option to reduce cost and risk.
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