Need Unbiased, Experienced Lease Administration Help?
Portfolio Solutions Group has developed the best lease administration practices for over two decades. We are the best in the industry at identifying and implementing the Lease Administration and Accounting needs of any size organization, regardless of the industry you are in. Our team has mastered solution and process development, support and tools creation, and the roll-out and integration of selected technologies for property management, Lease Administration, and more. Because we are not biased toward any one software, we have the flexibility to use whichever is the best fit for your specific needs, goals, and industry.  Our flexible, unbiased approach to lease administration equals creative solutions and specific recommendations, making our consulting services a valuable resource when looking for a lease administration solution.
RFP Development
If you are considering generating a Request for Proposal, PSG can help you structure the qualitative and quantitative elements, help focus the responses and establish a uniform baseline that makes the decision process easier to justify.
Process Assessment
The way your organization adds locations, shuts them down, pays invoices, and handles operating expense accruals or reconciliations is extremely important to consider BEFORE buying software or considering major initiatives. By documenting these dynamic but predictable activities and creating a process flowchart, PSG’s experienced consultants can identify ways to improve efficiencies, reduce cycle time, and generate cost savings.
Software Selection
By focusing on what you hope to accomplish and the business processes you will be tracking with the software, PSG can facilitate the selection of one of the many prevailing Real Estate software packages.  Our extensive experience using and customizing nearly all of the different databases available makes us experts in understanding how each one “really” works and what capabilities each has to fit the needs of unique or challenging portfolio structures.
Implementation Consulting
PSG will ask specific, targeted questions so the selected software can be tailored and customized to track what you need, capture the information that’s important to you, make navigation easy, and reports useful.
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