PSG provides its world class lease administration and accounting services in a uniquely tailored healthcare environment where the mix of real estate can be as diverse as the types of care and patience that walk through their doors. The most important thing is that it’s about patient care, not real estate…we get that!
PSG’s Approach
PSG integrates and addresses the major issues facing healthcare companies today…compliance and cost control balanced with change management and culture.
It can be a lot to try and juggle while also being part of a care delivery system and getting a myriad of other jobs done. Plus, since real estate is not the core purpose, there may not be the dedicated staff that other users of real estate tend to have.
PSG brings a wealth of healthcare specific experience to the table having integrated this function many times for large hospital systems with every space type and property obligation type imaginable and for unique care providers with a more consistent types but equally important compliance and cost constraints.
What We’re Doing Differently
Tools – With non-proprietary databases and a host of tactical tools, PSG’s tool kit for healthcare companies is modified to include data elements that make compliance reporting and that can integrate distributed processes for local hospital input.
  • A thorough property inventory and reflection of all relationship types (owned, leased, master leased, sublet, physician owned, referring physician related, etc)
  • A solid baseline measurement system and a documented Playbook for how all changes will be made.
  • An early warning system for identifying opportunities or issues and escalating reporting as appropriate. This is critical for Stark and other Compliance concerns.
  • View how we identify issues and opportunities here
Focus – Our typical experience with a healthcare system finds that they have so much day to day work, it seems impossible to step back and find the time to be pro-active.  With at least an initial understanding of their needs and concerns, PSG can help build momentum quickly. Together we can quickly achieve what would take years to accomplish alone and at an overall lower cost!
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