A majority of the time we, and our colleagues in Lease Administration, are focused on the “End User” Clients, large real estate portfolios, and the daily requirements to keep all of the client’s key processes moving forward. Not a lot of focus or attention is paid to what the Brokers need.  Consequently, there are a huge number of Brokers that do not consider themselves or their clients “big enough” to require lease administration so they resort to Excel, a CRM system, or worse, NOTHING for managing current and past client lease information.

If you are a Broker or other type of collaborator that is either NOT managing your own lease transactions or abstracting your own leases and tracking them in a spreadsheet, consider this opportunity to improve your system, update your technology usage and better leverage your valuable time/focus.

Every year, we speak to a Broker at a conference who sheepishly admits they missed a renewal opportunity because the client had a mid-term need and contacted someone else because they lost touch with the client.  They feel like the systems of technology and service geared for Corporate Service Brokers and large portfolios do not apply to them.  That is where we believe that the thinking can and should change.  When people ask us, “How many leases do you have to have to use your service?”, our response is always… ONE!  The rationale is that even for one lease, it is important to develop a solid abstract and to manage the key dates and key obligations for the client and for your ability to be of assistance to that client throughout its term.

Our “Broker Based” company, “THE LEASE WAREHOUSE”, was specifically developed with your needs in mind.  This system/service leverages what we do for end-user companies but with your needs in mind.  It is scaled and priced in such a way that a broker with a collection of clients for whom they may have 1-2-10 transactions under their belt, make up the portfolio. It puts them in the driver’s seat to receive abstracts, updates, email reminders and reporting that help them do more deals and stay on top of client opportunities.  By allowing them to focus on new opportunities and receiving information about upcoming events within their portfolio of past client lease transactions, it becomes an extension of their CRM Process…and it reminds the client that they are an ongoing collaborator not to be forgotten.

“THE LEASE WAREHOUSE” is a “broker-based” service with a simple to use system for managing client leases and critical dates.

  • It is Simple  – You have a virtual assistant doing the work and emailing the information directly to you for forwarding to your client.
  • It is Internet-based – You don’t have to abstract or enter the information yourself because one of our service groups takes care of it and makes it Internet accessible for you.
  • It is Affordable – It is priced to apply to all of the leases you plan on representing in the future.
  • It is “Broker-based” – Perfect for a trusted advisor and their clients.