If your portfolio is not as concerned with square feet and headcount as it is with cubic feet and pallets or dock doors, PSG helps by converting the typical “office” lease administration system with a more Industrial look and feel…but it doesn’t end there. PSG also has reporting and staff that understand the nuances you need reported and managed.
PSG’s Approach
Manufacturing or logistics companies can use the same database tools as office users but the focus needs to change and some adaptations need to take place to accommodate the nuances of the spaces.  Typically industrial or warehouse space users need need have other property attributes they need to manage like yard and dock areas and their measurement systems might require pallet counts and clear height so that they can consider costs in cubic feet rather than square feet.  Further, the occupancy costs usually involve more tenant controlled costs and allocated costs between buildings in industrial parks or across parcels so the cost capture has to identify these properly.  PSG understands theses needs and has already contemplated the adaptations so that the resulting reporting and insight fits the business.
What We’re Doing Differently
Tools – We leverage the right non-proprietary systems that can properly accommodate the unique differences in an industrial portfolio.  Then, we use an industrial abstracting template to help the client identify the property and lease attributes that are needed to track and manage activity at that location.
  • Identify unique characteristics that will need to be managed
  • gather and capture data efficiently
  • Blend business and real estate factors into the measurement and reporting
  • Collaborate with business unit, the accounting department, local market experts and your PSG Account Manager
Focus – Often industrial portfolios are being captured the same as office and while that is better than nothing and it tells part of the story, you don’t have to settle for that alone.  PSG can add the proper dimension to this portfolio type that helps you leverage lease administration as a strategic tool.
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