Identifying Issues & Opportunities

Hospital and healthcare companies have a tremendous opportunity to save money, improve performance, eliminate compliance risks, and generally better leverage the size and scale of their real estate obligations. However, they are often not sure where to start or hesitant to engage a full turnkey service because they are having difficulty answering many of the most basic questions that need to be understood first.


  • How much real estate do we have? How much is owed, leased, sublet?
  • What are the economics tied to this real estate and is that higher or lower than other healthcare companies?
  • Do we have the right valuations for our properties?
  • What is Fair Market Value?
  • Which departments are in what space? Do we have all the corresponding lease documents?
  • Are there undocumented month-to-month leases?
  • Have all work orders and costs been properly billed to the Physician Tenants?


But who has the time to dedicate to gathering all that information when the mission and culture of care are supposed to put patients first and enable physicians and administrators to focus on that? PSG’s Property Discovery Workbook is a great way to start.

This departmental assessment gathers intelligence and returns findings that lead to action plans to eliminate outliers within the system. We deliver the answers to the basic but important questions listed above and then actionable recommendations that generate savings, improve process, reduce outliers, and eliminate risk.


In a focused consultative project, our experienced and senior team will provide this valuable insight for a low, flat rate.