Portfolio Solutions Group is a professional services group with the experience necessary to supplement an existing Lease Administration process or fully establish an outsource alternative for managing and administering leased and owned properties for a corporate real estate department. Our team is comprised of non-transaction specialists with expertise in providing such services and producing cost saving results to companies of all portfolio sizes!


The Process

  • Each lease file is organized, carefully reviewed and then all the documents are read with key data elements extracted and put into a web based database along with an imaged copy of each lease.
  • Key dates are setup such that reminders are sent in advance to designated users.

The Cost

  • The typical costs are divided into two parts: The setup costs are a flat rate of $1,000 – $2,000 to cover the cost of configuring the database according to your unique specifications, and the rate of $200 – $300/file for abstracting and population.
  • The ongoing costs start at just $5/record monthly and $2,500/year for initial training and access to a knowledgeable support staff person dedicated to helping you use this new tool.

The Benefits

  • Benefits are significant! Organization, Control, Cost Saving Opportunities, and Peace of Mind.
  • Deliverables include:
  • Clean and organized digital files
  • Web based database for easy access to lease abstract summaries and reports
  • Key date reminders in advance to important activity
  • Ability to review Landlord costs prior to payment
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