If you’ve struggled to keep a spreadsheet of locations updated with key information and to try and find a way to compare one location to the next when every deal seems just a little different, help is here. Whether the lease location is large or small, short or long term, for a domestic property or in a foreign language based over-seas, PSG’s People, Process and Technology can make quick work of developing a consistent baseline of information and an efficient library of organized documents. Information, reporting and help are all just a call or mouse click away.
PSG’s Approach
Portfolios primarily comprised of office leases are typically focused on efficiency as a key driver.  The challenge is that within those spaces the building type, lease complexity and obviously the key negotiable items all add variation.  The first step toward cost reduction or containment is a solid capture of the basic elements, breakdown of the various expenses and systematic invoice review/audit processes.
Next, efficiency measurements like cost per person or average cost per square foot are built into the standard reporting so that you get visibility into the cost items that need to be controlled.
Finally, dashboard reporting is used to illuminate the outliers and compare your portfolio to the current market so you can literally see where the opportunities exist.
What We’re Doing Differently
Tools – With years of experience, we have adapted the abstracting templates and scopes to accommodate the nuances of each lease.  We have also worked with the various software companies to adapt certain elements of their systems without impairing the non-proprietary nature of their underlying structure.  This is important for data/license portability.
  • Evaluate the various lease types
  • Set consistent abstracting standards and templates
  • Consider cost capture nuances
  • Develop regular measurement and reporting
  • Collaborate with business unit, the accounting department, local market experts and your PSG Account Manager
Focus – In most cases where we become involved, a client is looking for better reporting.  Often the database tool is fine it just needs to be energized a bit!  With 100% focus in this business, we can do that quickly and with ideas that do not require a huge cost or time-consuming project.
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