Ongoing Support

Need Help Keeping Everything On Track?
From keeping the database updated and accurate to live check processing or subtenant billing/collections, PSG can help supplement or fully assume any number of roles to help you get critical functions done while keeping core resources focused.  With PSG’s expertise and refined processes, outsourcing with us typically generates twice the savings/efficiency at half the internal costs.
Lease Coach
If you have an internal team responsible for your real estate functions, this may be the support level that is right for you.  Lease Coach gets your in-house team organized, set-up, trained to learn how to use a new software system or to get some help or advice on a project.  With unlimited access to our dedicated experts.
Standard Administration
This support level takes advantage of the power of PSG People. Our experts are trained in many of the prevailing software applications, they leverage over 20 years of tested best practices and they have all of PSG’s tools, techniques and talent at their disposal. Standard means these key processes are now a part of your Documented Play-Book.

Application Hosting & Administration

Whether you are using one of our licenses or we are using yours, PSG becomes the power-user of a non-proprietary system and you get the benefits.  We’ll make sure the system is configured and maintained in a way that is best for you and we’ll take care of your user setup and other maintenance.

Continuous Document Processing & Key Date Management

PSG’s state of the art WorkFlow System receives, monitors and cycle-times all new leases, amendments, estoppels and other documents, so they can be abstracted and processed thoroughly and within an agreed turnaround time.

Key Date Management

Automated Email Reminders, Reporting, and a team that is always monitoring and following up when activity should occur will prevent overlooking important dates.  If you have a regular meeting to review dates and options with your transaction team, we can join to update notes as activity takes place.

Dedicated Management & Unlimited Support

If you have not experienced the difference that a dedicated team can make, you’ll be thrilled to have the same expert staff available to help you and to learn your style, your needs and become part of your team.  We never limit the amount of times you can call with a question or just to bounce ideas off of us. It’s why we say AskPSG!


In addition to having a myriad of reports available through the database, we recommend generating a consistent baseline report package each month. It’s an important way to spot trends or issues before they become problems and it’s a great way to see progress.

Administrative Elections

In order to further support your team, we have a host of other ala carte services that might help you as well:
  • Certificate of Insurance Management
  • Headcount Tracking/Utilization reporting
  • Other Contract Management (ie Equipment or Services)
Standard Accounting
This support level builds on the efficiencies gained with Standard Administration by adding expense reduction, revenue generation and outsourcing some degree of financial processing.  A proactive invoice review process ensures errors and landlord billing abuse is corrected BEFORE payment and (sub) tenant billing is always maximized including all elements of income obligation.  PSG can either supplement your process or practically become your full outsource real estate accounting team.

Landlord Invoice Review & Audit

On a monthly basis, PSG will review all landlord invoices to verify that they comply with Client’s contractual obligations (“Critical Compliance”) For Operating Expenses (Reconciliations or Accrual Estimates), PSG provides a desk audit to ensure proper backup is received and that the billing complies with negotiated terms.

Sublease Billing & Collection

PSG’s state of the art WorkFlow System receives, monitors and cycle-times all new leases, amendments, estoppels and other documents so they can be abstracted and processed thoroughly and within an agreed turnaround time.

Rent Report Forecasting (AR & AP)

Synchronized with your financial calendar, PSG provides a rent forecast for payments or rental income in just the format your accounting department needs it to make entries to your enterprise accounting system.  This can even be sent electronically for greater automation.

Analysis & Extended Reporting

As this is our core business, we understand what you need and what you want to see to feel confident that the numbers are correct. Your Account Manager will ensure that GL coding, cost allocations and variances are addressed. A “Pre-Rent Roll Call” is typically included.  We want to make sure you don’t get a question we didn’t already answer.

Global Financial Support

PSG produces Global Rent Forecasts that reflect the proper currency and measurement units but can be converted to $US Dollars if desired.  Invoices outside the US can still be reviewed and in some cases payments made or at facilitated. Either way, you’ll gain control.

Accounting Elections

Often your accounting team can benefit from other support that can easily add on to the core service:
  • Other(Non-Landlord) Occupancy Payments such as Utilities, Taxes, etc
  • Live Invoice payments, Vendor Management & 1099 Processing
  • Straight-Line Reporting
  • FASB ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16 Assistance
    FASB Assistance
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