Our Process

When you have done something exclusively for a long time and you are really passionate about it, it becomes second nature. It’s like that for us  with Lease Administration / Accounting…we have reviewed each task, broken things down to their most elemental component, challenged ourselves every step of the way to do things smarter, better.  Every relationship, every job, every time… to some this might sound boring or monotonous.  To us, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate a difference.  It’s not about doing things the same way; it’s about using a proven approach and leveraging what we’ve done well and applying it to new relationships and new challenges.

Step 1

This is the “active listening” phase where we take what you identify as needs, apply our experience and framework and plan on moving you from your Point A to Point B and with the goals we set together.

Step 2

In this phase, we build the baseline that establishes a measurable point in time and a basic Playbook of processes and reports. Often this phase has a cost recovery component that makes this phase somewhat self funding.

Step 3

After all of the work in Phases I and II, the last thing an organization wants to do is have to re-work it all over again.  Part of the planning and execution phases are to establish the requisite support that prevents that from occurring. This is accomplished through the creation of an account playbook.  This blends PSG’s best practices with a client’s preferences to become a full set of procedures for key activities. This tool is part of our auditable process, and is used for consistency and training.
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