Pilot Program

PSG’s Pilot Program is perfect for companies with a large portfolio but uncertainty about outsourcing, software, or if their processes are well developed.  The Pilot Program allows a user to try before they buy; test a system to get the green light from decision makers and various departments before making the investment.
PSG’s Approach
By compiling a small subset of representative lease documents, PSG can help calibrate the approach before implementation across a large population of leases.

1. You Give Us

  • 15 lease documents from the Portfolio (i.e.: a division in the company or a geographical region).
  • Your unique needs and abstract definitions.

2. We Give You

  • Organized, Reviewed, and Digitized Files
  • Fully Robust Lease Abstract Summaries
  • A Secure Login to a Non-Proprietary Database Application
  • Basic User Training

3. Benefits

  • A no risk/low cost assessment of the benefits from organizing lease documents.
  • Test the software and service before investing a lot of time and money.
  • The opportunity to develop organizational momentum.
Next Steps
If you like it we can discuss loading the rest of your portfolio. If you don’t, we terminate the program with no further obligation.
FOR 90-DAY Trial
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