Project Services

Need A True Partner For Important Tasks?
Sometimes you know exactly what you want and just need a little help. PSG makes it simple by offering these services on a stand-alone basis and delivering them with a dedicated, in-house project team that can mobilize quickly. From file services to financial reviews and audits, we have the experience you need at a competitive price to deliver a positive return and a successful project.
File Services
From helping to locate files from across the block to a detailed review of each file’s contract and signature of both parties, PSG’s Team can help. Each lease file will be taken apart, sorted, and reviewed for relative completeness. Exceptions such as missing, unsigned, or inconsistent documents will be identified and included on a project report that PSG will deliver to the client.
Database Review
PSG will ensure that the management database in use going forward has the required modules “turned on” and configured for functionality and availability. The database hierarchy will be changed as agreed and other drop down fields will be set for easy navigation and reporting.
Once files are cleaned up, similarly formatted, and reviewed, PSG will extract data from the files according to a specifically agreed field listing. Lease abstracts are reviewed for consistency and completeness prior to entry into the database. Whenever interpretation of data is necessary, assumptions are documented and the client’s best interests are considered. Our abstracting types include:

Short Form

Standard information about the parties, financial obligations, key dates and options are extracted consistently for easy reference.  These shorter abstracts might be all you need to get started, perform due-diligence, or manage the lease short term.

Long Form

All short form information, plus extended clause information that provides an excellent reference summary and expands your reporting capability.

Abstract Supplementing

QA basic information and add “depth” for easy reference, research, and reporting. Can also capture fields important to your specific industry, or that are unique to your specific needs.
Financial Review/Audit
The financial review process builds on a logical progression of inquiry, starting with basic lease compliance and fairness up to a desktop or CPA based/field audit. Quantitative and qualitative data-analyzation methods are utilized. PSG believes in 3 “levels” of lease audit:

Invoice Review

PSG will review invoices to determine that the landlord billed accurately and applied the negotiated terms. PSG conducts this review by itself for client follow-up, or may propose further review.

Desktop Audit

Desktop audits are conducted internally by PSG, without the need to go on-site. PSG provides a recommended action plan to the client after they are reviewed.

Full Lease Audit

If advisable, PSG will coordinate with one of our audit partners to review books/records on-site. PSG keeps the process moving and the adviser informed of progress.
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