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PSG’s Senior Experts train and supervise our own lease administrators, so we are experts at helping new people understand everything from the basics of real estate and lease obligations to more complex issues that may arise. Making our training classes and materials available to you is just part of how we extend our knowledge of best practice to you. We have a range of options, from one-on-on training sessions and webinar groups to building custom materials geared to a specific software or industry. If you don’t see what you need in one of our options, just AskPSG!

Classes & Support Options

Boot Camp
This 6-hour online class takes someone new to lease administration through an intensive review of the basics, leaving them comfortable with everything they need to be successful as a new lease administrator.  Attendees benefit from training with an experience Senior Level Expert and hear real world application and anecdotes, bringing the material and concepts to life.  Boot camp includes a package of recommended forms and procedures, and covers a variety of lease administration basics, such as:
  • The Importance of Lease Administration to a Company and How It Effects Company Reporting, Supports Decision Making
  • Organizing Work Flow and Regulating a Consistent, Predictable but Progressive Cycle of Activity
  • Document Recognition and Identifying the Various Sections in a Lease
  • How to Abstract a Lease
  • Database Management (General, for all software applications
  • Invoice Review
  • Tracking Annual Operating Expenses, Insurance, Taxes, and Other Pass-Thru Costs
  • Commonly Requested Reports, Research, and Issue Management
Advanced Lease Administration (1 on 1)
This one-on-one training takes an individualized approach and trains your lease administrator on how to manage this important function or a staff. Intended for those already a lease administrator with intermediate experience, we customize an outline for a full day of work that transforms a Lease Administrator into a Senior Manager. Topics covered include:
  • Global Lease Administration – International considerations
  • Complex Retail Issues
  • Department Setup & Staff Management
  • Reporting Measurement & Metrics to Management
  • Coordinating with Outside Vendors and Internal Departments
Other PSG Support Tools
  • PSG Workflow Tool Usage
  • Customized Procedures Manual

Get Ongoing Help

Lease Coach – Annual Support
Often small lease administration departments need more support on a day to day basis because issues come up but there is no one to bounce ideas off of and the question has an array of answers, especially when it comes to how to handle in a specific software package. PSG has experience and can guide these users with an extended help desk service that gives the lease administrator a sounding board resource to work along-side them for a period of time. This can be a helpful addition to a software help desk that is intended to be more of a tactical “how to” but doesn’t get into the “why” or the details about the impact of various options.
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