Proactive Lease Administration for Q1
The beginning of the new year typically brings thoughts of new initiatives and plans, but also the need to deal with some of the things you wish you would have dealt with last year.

If year-end snuck up on you and left some cleanup projects behind, it’s time to get them dealt with now before this year becomes last year again!

These are the things we’re working on this quarter for our clients:

  • Software Administration Review – Purging out old records, old users and reviewing or reapproving security levels.
  • Operating Expenses – Closing out missing reconciliations for 2015’s expenses and preparing to aggressively review 2016 expenses when they arrive.
  • FASB Gap Analysis – Reviewing the new rules now that they’re final to determine what data elements need to be gathered and how compliance will take place.
    • Operating vs. Finance Testing
    • Equipment Lease Organization
  • Reviewing/Re-Communicating Procedures – Adjusting the written procedures to current practices and reminding everyone how to comply or participate.
  • Sharpening Reporting – Most of our clients (or their senior leaders) are looking to provide some dashboard or exception reporting to put all of this data into context.

If you don’t get some of these things checked off of your list early this year, second quarter will hit. Between new initiatives, vacation schedules and other things, you’ll want to make sure progress won’t get lost.

If you could use some help getting projects organized or knocked out, leverage some of our experts that are dedicated to doing this type of work.