Real Estate Brokers

PSG has provided real estate services in conjunction with Real Estate Brokers for many years so we’ve gotten accustomed to knowing what they need to do their jobs well and with how to make it easy for them to collaborate when they are on the road or on the run.
PSG’s Approach
Our Lease Warehouse service was designed by Brokers for Brokers and it is a really great way for a busy broker to leverage their time.PSG makes it scalable and simple so that brokers can maximize the results with minimal time to interface and cost to manage. By providing deliverables that a broker can extend to their clients, they get 2X the value.  Data and details managed for themselves, customer centered deliverables for their clients that let them know they picked the right broker!
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What We’re Doing Differently
Tools – With the same great database technology and features but with a few slight twists of our own, we can scale a fully integrated lease administration system and make the Broker the CRE.  Abstracts, key date management and reports are all easily integrated and now a part of the broker’s tool kit.
  • Quick Setup of Expected Client Names and Lease Data
  • Thorough Lease Abstracts where needed and Short Form Abstracts where just a placeholder is necessary
  • We establish the protocols that make this a glove fit as part of the broker’s deal close out process.
Focus – You focus on building your business and finding the next transaction – let us focus on getting the last deal abstracted and all of the details catalogued so that information is available at your finger tips.  The system reminds you of key information and dates, the service sends details to you so that you can take action and inform your client. Smart, affordable, logical…
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