Could You be Paying Their Maintenance Fees?

Find Out & Improve Your Database In The Process

Savings can be locked up in CAM/OPEX audits and PSG has the key!

1. Abstract All of your Leases Thoroughly

  • Capture All Key Financial and Strategic Components

  • Enable Fast and Important Decision Making

  • Start Fresh or Supplement Existing Abstracts

2. Perform CAM Audits on All of Your Locations to Create A Savings Pool

  • The PSG Team Works Quickly to Gather The Appropriate Materials

  • Our Experts Perform An Analysis For All Negotiated Inclusions and Exclusions

  • The Review Includes an Aggressive Challenge of Landlord Charges Without Jeopardizing Your Relationship

3. Use A Portion of the Savings Returned To

  • Improve the Quality of Your Lease Abstracts

  • Upgrade Your Software Platform

  • Be in a Position to Better Manage Lease Administration Going Forward