Cellular towers, land, water rights, equipment leases or service agreements. Any and all of these could also be part of a mixed or a specialty use portfolio and we’ve had experience with all of these. Essentially if you have documents with Parties to the Agreement, terms, conditions, dates and payments, we can manage it.
PSG’s Approach
PSG uses the same great people, processes and technology that we have  leveraged to build our Lease Administration and Accounting business over the years.  Broadly, the disciplines that help organize the data, details and documents in traditional real estate transfer easily and well to many other real estate or even non-real estate contracts.  While we will never profess to be an expert in an area that we are not, we can often capture the key elements of the basic obligations and make it easier for the Client’s expert to assimilate some of the basic information so they can focus on the rest.
What We’re Doing Differently
Since PSG licenses many of the prevailing licenses, we have a wide variety of technologies to choose  from when considering what database to utilize. Often it is a matter of scaling one of these tools down or configuring its flexible elements to capture new or different data points.  With a bit of creativity and thinking out-of-the-box, our team can quickly create a prototype for a client’s approval and have a solution up and running quickly.
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