Success Stories

Outstanding Client Results
Cost recoveries, future savings, improved efficiency and control…all of these are important reasons why companies turn to a lease administration group for help. But ROI (Return on Investment) has to start with ROI (Return on Integrity).  This means that every client, every location, every interaction matters.  and they are important opportunities that make or break our brand. Regardless of size or fees or notoriety of your logo, you are important to us and if we say we’re going to do something, we do it!  We pride ourselves on word of mouth referrals, client thank-you’s and our ability to exceed expectations.

Case Study 1: Technology Merry-Go-Round

Global Household Brands Manufacturing Company – 200 Locations; Saves $1.2 Million

Client was on their 3rd outsource and 3rd software implementation in 5 years, but were still operating without basic metrics or the ability to use technology to manage their real estate footprint
PSG re-implemented a standard ASP within 60 days
PSG fully implemented abstracts, invoice review/audit, executive and tactical reporting and measurement/scorecard

Case Study 2: Good Things Come In Small Packages

Smaller Broadcasting & Media Firm – 20 Locations; Saves $150k

Client was without any real estate resources
PSG served as outsourced real estate department, implementing fully functional program, software, processes and bill payment system
PSG worked with Client since 2003 to assist in administering payments and improving upon existing processes

Case Study 3: Small Drips Can Fill A Bucket (of Savings)

National Physical Therapy Company – 400 Locations; Saves $300k

Client’s portfolio was rapidly growing due to acquisition
PSG reviewed all existing documents and migrated Client data into a more contemporary database
PSG integrated sublease billing and collections services and processed non-Landlord expense documents

Case Study 4: “Free” Isn’t Always Free

Global Electrical Parts Distribution Company – 2,000 Locations; Saves $1 Million

Client was receiving free lease administration through their transaction provider
PSG coordinated with transaction provider and in house staff to redesign processes, procedures and reporting including ability to capture the global footprint
PSG provided fully integrated services including invoice review/coordination and desk audit service

Case Study 5: Broker Alliance

Brokerage Firm Needs Strong Partner To Win Business; Saves $90k

Client’s in-house lease administration staff were inattentive and missing key dates
Broker was concerned for business relationships and reputation. Desperately needed lease administration for new account
PSG stepped in as alliance partner to help win the business on RFP Presentation
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