Transparent Pricing

 Guaranteed Value When Outsourcing
Often trying to procure this service or compare RFP responses is difficult because the pricing is all over the board and in some cases bid low only to add costs later. Our promise is that you only pay for what you need and where there is value delivered. All of our pricing is value driven and rational plus we show you exactly how it is derived. Services and deliverables are well defined and comprehensive so there are no surprises later.
All consulting is based on a flat rate tied to a specific deliverables. Rates change based on client needs and the projects we assess and/or manage.
Project Service Work
All project work is based on a unit cost approach so there are no hidden costs or costs that run away on projects where you don’t always know what to expect.
Unit cost rates are clearly detailed in a schedule and only applied if the work needs to be done.
Ongoing Support
Management and administrative support is based on a dedicated support model that is all-inclusive and designed to deliver the agreed scope of work so that there are no surprises. The typical arrangement is done on a per location basis given the scope of work. But flat rates can also be discussed for small or large portfolios where scale makes that more logical.
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