Why PSG?

Highest Value/Lowest Risk
While selecting a large real estate giant to manage your leases may seem like the safest choice, the results increasingly reflect that is not the case.  At Portfolio Solutions Group, we provide our clients with the highest return and the lowest risk by capturing savings and value across the total portfolio.  We devote 100% of our attention to the details that add up to significant savings and efficiency.  Our Property Management, Lease Administration, and Software Solutions maximize your ability to act strategically when it comes to your real estate portfolio.
There is principal involvement from the early dialog of the engagement through each phase of our service delivery, including in the formal and informal measurement and evaluation processes we routinely engage in.
Total Value
At PSG, we believe business value should not leak from any part of the portfolio, so no property should be left out. While other vendors only capture some of the value associated with Lease Administration, PSG is both capable and motivated to capture Total Value through:
  • Process Efficiency
  • Cost Recovery
  • Cost Savings (Future)
  • Transaction Leverage
  • Lease Audit (Small & Large Properties)
  • Staff Leverage & FTE Offset
  • Software Savings
  • Non-Landlord Occupancy Capture/Reduction
  • Late Fee Reduction
  • Subtenant Income Maximization
Best Fit
Many service companies create a “one-size fits all” model.  Regardless of how they describe it, there are elements of the model that do not properly fit a client’s need, either tactically or philosophically.  Even small disconnects can create operating problems, loss of value, and increased risk.  Our service delivery is well tested and documented; clients receive best-practice recommendations while PSG also adapts to their unique operational needs and cultural realities.  Without creating higher costs or longer implementation times, our management team achieves a glove-fit for the client through:
  • Listening First
  • Adapting Already Documented Tools and Processes
  • Cultural Alignment
  • A Technology/Software Neutral Approach
Once you understand our services and your options, we think you’ll agree that PSG is the highest value available in lease administration outsourcing and can be implemented with the lowest possible risk. We are so confident in having transparency about everything we do. We start with a full glossary of terms that define each service, our process and the deliverables. We use very detailed proposals, unit cost pricing and we’ll tell you anything you want to know about the process. We’re purely motivated to perform for your success.
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